The SyDAD consortium met for two days to listen to presentations by the ESRs and discuss network-wide activities, such as the training programme. The meeting was arranged by the group of Prof Monica Di Luca who also invited us for a nice dinner at the terrace of the University building. All the ESRs have made a huge progress since last year which was also evident from the scientific deliverables and innovation review that was submitted to the European Commission shorlty before the meeting.

On the 9th and 10th of May, the ESRs had the opportunity to attend the workshop “The art of grantsmanship”, held in Milan by Alice Barbaglio, PhD (UNIMI Research Services Direction). During this workshop, we learned not only about the concepts of grant writing, but also what it takes to write a good project proposal. Having to write an abstract and pitch ourselves to our colleagues. We then had the opportunity to perform a peer evaluation of the projects and see what could be improved to enrich our possible applications. In addition, we followed a lecture about the importance of the use of social media in your scientific career, including some real-life examples of a case where social media was used in a proper way and a case that failed. Overall, it was a fruitful workshop, that prepared us for what is next in our future: apply for grants if we wish to follow an academic career. Written by Ana Ribeiro and Lina Vandermeulen


SyDAD made a strong contribution to the 6th European Synapse Meeting, arranged by University of Milano, one of the Beneficiaries of SyDAD. In total 10 abstracts were presented as posters by SyDAD ESRs, associated students and PIs. In addition, two of the SyDAD PIs (Christophe Mulle and Juan Pita Almenar) were invited speakers and Project Manager Susanne Frykman gave a general overview of the SyDAD programme.