On May 9-10, SyDAD ESRs, supervisors, associated students and partner organisations assembled for an annual meeting including a mid-term review by the Research Executive Agency at the European Commission. All the ESRs and associated studnets gave impressive presentations and we also had fruitful discussions on the training programme, out-reach activities, innovation and last but not least the scientific projects.


SyDAD ESRs, supervisors and partner organisations will assemble at the SyDAD annual meeting in Bonn, May 9-10, 2017 hosted by DZNE. A Mid-term review meeting with the Research Executive Agency of the European Commission will be held on May 10. In direct conjunction with the annual meeting, several ESRs will participate in the 5th Venusberg Meeting on Neuroinflammation.

On March 26-28, 8 of the ESRs participated in a Drug Discovery course arranged by Axon Neuroscience at the X-bionic sphere in Samorin, Slovakia. Invited experts from Axon and Karolinska Institutet gave lectures on topics ranging from the initial idea for a potential drug or treatment approach, through necessary preclinical basic research, design and development of clinical trials. The students also prepared and presented and outline of their own drug discovery projects.

The Drug Discovery Course were followed directly by the 13th International Conference of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease where 8 ESRs participated whereof 3 gave poster presentations. In addition, two associated students and several SyDAD supervisors gave oral presentations.